With an immense amount of planning, re-envisioning, restructuring, retraining, and resupplying, we have successfully opened our school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many things are different from the way we have functioned since 1996, but as always, the safety of our students and staff is of primary importance. Our goal is for Park Street Academy kids to have a fun-filled, active, and meaningful school experience while using best practices to meet or exceed the CDC and state health department guidelines for safe operations.  Each of our four classes has been divided into two pods, with children who do not intermingle, and staff – to the greatest extent possible – who are devoted to each pod. All academic, sensory, dramatic play and recreational activities will take place in each room, with no compromise to our resources. We will continue to use the outside play areas for free play and for some academic activities when appropriate. 

Additional protective measures include: 

  • wearing of face coverings at all times for staff, and as much as possible for students
  • drop off and pick up of students outside of the building
  • daily health screenings with temperature checks
  • frequent handwashing and sanitizing
  • ongoing facility cleaning and sanitizing
  • strict return-to-school protocols following an illness, which may include testing for COVID-19, based on the determination of a medical professional
  • requiring part or the entire school to home-quarantine for a specified period if deemed necessary by the local Department of Health

A complete COVID-19 Policies and Procedures Handbook is distributed to parents of all registered students for more in-depth information. These protocols have been developed with strict adherence to CDC, and state and local guidelines, and they will be revised as those guidelines evolve. 

We appreciate that our families have placed their trust in us during this difficult time. We will do everything possible to make this a year of joy, learning and friendship for our students. 

Please note, use of certain facilities and some of our afternoon programming have been altered temporarily due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.