Park Street Academy offers outstanding afternoon programming for our Full Plus students. Our Kids Clubs are designed to challenge, stimulate, and delight your child! Each afternoon, students experience a different Kids Club with their class, designed to engage them with children’s literature, arts & crafts, science, cooking and dance. Students also spend time throughout the afternoon participating in free play, dramatic play, story time, fine-motor and sensory activities.

In addition to our daily Kids Clubs, we offer three optional enrichment activities, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Super Sports, to compliment your child’s exciting afternoon programming. Each class meets on a weekly basis and is available to all our students, regardless of their schedules (Full Plus, full-time, or part-time). Parents are welcome to register for any or all three programs to supplement our regular afternoon Kids Clubs.


Partnering with Head to Toe Kids, a provider of educational enrichment programs, we are pleased to offer a multifaceted introduction to gymnastics and all-around fitness. Each thirty-minute class includes stretching exercises, gymnastics skills, aerobics to music, games and more!  Using age-appropriate equipment, children will develop gross motor skills, coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance, all of which enhance cognitive development.  This safe, stimulating program helps to facilitate healthy physical development while the kids have a great time!

Super Sports

Super Sports offers Park Street Academy kids a combined physical education program, encompassing soccer, basketball, and fitness. Taught by our Senior South Team Teacher, Gwen Abreu, each class begins with basic fitness, including stretching, strengthening, balance and a cardio warm-up. Alternating weeks focus on soccer or basketball, using age-appropriate equipment to teach the fundamentals of each sport. Skills will include running, dribbling, passing, and shooting. This program is designed to improve agility, strength, flexibility, gross motor coordination and control, as well as overall physical well-being. All activities, games and drills are geared for young children, helping them to develop positive associations with exercise and fitness, and inspiring them to make healthy choices.

Martial Arts

We are delighted that Head to Toe Kids, a provider of educational enrichment programs, has brought a fantastic introductory martial arts class to our school! Martial arts is a fun way for children to develop fitness, focus, respect, and self-discipline, all of which foster social-emotional growth and socialization skills. A typical thirty-minute class begins and ends with a bow to the teacher, or master. After a warm-up, students practice the skills of the art, which may include kicks, thrusts, and blocks. Each skill requires concentration, attention and impulse control, the benefits of which carry over to a child’s school and home life. Most importantly, kids love it!

Book Crew

Books come alive as children are exposed to fabulous children’s literature written by award winning authors! Guided projects and discussions help young, soon-to-be readers listen for details and use literary skills & terms.

Kids Cafe

So you think “Bugs on a Log”, “Marshmallow Spiders”, or “Worms in Dirt” are yucky? “No way!” say our kids who are regulars at this cafe! Mixing, measuring, decorating, baking and tasting fun foods and snacks are some of the reasons why this club is always a hit!

Make & Take

Kids in this club have the opportunity to creatively work with many different media including clay, oil pastels, fabrics and beads, just to name a few!

Wiz Kidz

Kids are introduced to the exciting world of science through hands-on experiments! Environmental science, chemistry, biology, and physics are covered by utilizing preschool science activities and age appropriate lab materials.

Dance Club

Kids will have a blast getting a wonderful foundation in the elements of Modern, Jazz and Hip-Hop! Dancers will show off their accomplishments with a Spring recital!