Students in our pre-school program, the Freshman (ages 2 ½  – 3) and Sophomore Classes (age 3), have a wonderful introduction to school. Teachers are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of new students, particularly in transitioning students and parents through the separation process. Letters, numbers, colors, shapes and computers are taught in an engaging and concrete manner. Potty training is not a requirement for admission into these classes. Students participate in the entire core curriculum. Don’t underestimate these youngsters. You’ll be amazed how much our children learn!

Stepping up to the Senior South (Pre-K, age 4) and Senior North Class (Pre-K/Kindergarten, ages 4-6) prepares students for elementary school. Children are exposed to a full curriculum including Math, Reading, Handwriting, Literature, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Music, Fine Arts, Dramatic and Free Play. Senior North and South students work cooperatively to create special projects to enhance our Native American and Astronomy units of study, to name a few! Circle Time, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Handwriting and Journal Writing are taught through whole group instruction. Students also work in small groups for a more individualized approach to learning. Small groups allow for students to be challenged without becoming frustrated. Assessments are done in the Fall and Spring and reviewed during semi-annual Parent-Teacher Conferences

During the academic school year, all age groups focus on science and social studies based monthly thematic units including: Me, Myself & My Family, Community Helpers, Change of Seasons/Native Americans, Multicultural Diversity, Pride, Astronomy, Famous People/Black History Month, Land & Water Animals, The Environment, Plants & Insects.

Nurtured Heart Approach

The Nurtured Heart Approach, developed by Howard Glasser, is a proven methodology for creating healthy relationships and igniting greatness with all children! The essence of the Approach is a set of core methodologies originally developed for working with the most difficult children. It has a proven impact on every child, including those who are challenged behaviorally, socially and academically. The Nurtured Heart Approach is used in all of our classrooms.

At each stage of development children are introduced to a greater breadth of learning techniques and thematic units. We also support them socially and emotionally using the Nurtured Heart Approach to create healthy relationships and ignite greatness in children. Our students surprise us every day with their capacity for learning. They are inquisitive, bright and eager to try new things!

For Our Pre-K and Kindergarten Students in Senior North and Senior South

Wilson Fundations®

Our Senior literacy and language arts curriculum integrates daily use of Wilson Fundations®, a multisensory, structured language program geared for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Through large and small group instruction it introduces research-based activities for learning letter-keyword-sound, alphabetic order, and letter-formation skills. Adoption of the Fundations program at this level provides teachers a window to identify children potentially at risk for reading difficulties so that early intervention can be considered. In concert with our overall literature-rich curriculum, Fundations makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for life-long literacy.

Sign Language

Our Pre-K / Kindergarten classes are introduced to the wonderful world of sign language and the deaf community through the Signing Time curriculum! Students learn how to fingerspell the alphabet with proper form as well as signing and reading signs through direct instruction, videos, books and fun interactive games and activities.  Research has shown that the benefits of learning Sign Language help with communication, math, science, creative arts, social-emotional development and fine motor skills.

Fine Arts

Led by Director Lisa Raphael, Park Street Academy has incorporated fine arts into the curriculum since the school was founded in 1996. With Miss Lisa’s in-depth approach, students study different genres in art, learn about the history of each movement and the lives of each artist. The program culminates with SAM (Senior Art Museum), an annual one night exhibit featuring works created by talented Senior South and Senior North students and inspired by the artists they have studied.

Neuroscience research shows that a child’s engagement in early art activities can help create unique brain connections by promoting problem solving, decision making and other cognitive skills. Students also experience fine motor skill development and an important outlet for emotional expression. Discussion of cool and warm colors, why artists use them and how certain colors make them feel are wonderful ways to understand emotions. Studying the fine arts also opens up a world of creativity and a deeper understanding of culture, history and diversity.