Main Entrance

Freshman, both Sophomore classes and Senior South students are welcomed at our main entrance, tucked behind the always busy playground area. Just inside PSA families are met with our festive hallways, Today We board and a quick trip to Cubby Cove before the day begins.

Freshman Classroom

The Freshman  (ages 2 ½  – 3) are our youngest students, and for many this is their first experience being away from a parent or caregiver. Students learn the fundamentals of being in school and making new friends and enjoy art, music, sensory and “make-believe” play. Class begins with a 10-minute “Circle Time” and the day includes concrete, developmentally-appropriate activities to help them begin learning letters, shapes, colors and numbers.

Sophomore Classes

Our Sophomore classes (age 3) are the stepping stones to Pre-K, where children expand their work with letters, numbers and basic math. They engage in fine motor skill development as a precursor to handwriting and begin to explore exciting concepts in science and social studies in an age-appropriate context. The class is designed to foster independence and creative thinking while engaging in multi-sensory activities, music, art and imaginative play.

Senior South Classroom

The Senior South class (age 4) shares a Pre-K curriculum with Senior North. This comprehensive program includes literacy, math, science, social studies and fine arts balanced with ample time for free and imaginative play to encourage social and emotional growth. We utilize the Wilson Fundations Reading Program and other cutting-edge teaching methods. While music is an integral part of the PSA curriculum, our Senior classes also enjoy a weekly formal music class with a visiting teacher from the Jam Cats program.

Senior North Entrance

Around the side of the building nearer to Claremont Avenue is a direct entrance into the Senior North classroom. This stairway provides easy access in and out for our older students and a seamless drop off and pick up experience.

Senior North Classroom

The Senior North Pre-K/Kindergarten class (ages 4-5) prepares children for Kindergarten or first grade and is usually comprised of our older 4s and 5s. Mirroring the Senior South curriculum, small group work in both classrooms ensures that students receive individualized attention and learn at their own levels. Senior classes also collaborate on large thematic units including astronomy, the Senior Art Museum (SAM) exhibition and our Native American unit and Pow Wow.

Rain Forest Cafe

Eating snack, lunch or preparing food in Kids Café, one of our favorite afternoon Kids Clubs, it’s always fun to visit our very own Rainforest Cafe! Meals are also an opportunity for children to develop language, emotional and social skills.


Walking down our spacious hallways is where you will find bulletin boards showing off kids’ artwork as well as our ‘Today We’ postings, where parents and caregivers can read all about the important work done throughout the school day. The ‘Today We’ posting is also emailed to parents daily.

Cubby Cove

Mornings begin with a stop in Cubby Cove. Each child has their own individual cubby where lunches, jackets and personal items are stowed. At pick-up, parents can take home artwork and school notices found in their child’s cubby. (Senior North cubbies are located in their classroom).


Our facility includes a full-sized gym, giving Park Street Academy students a large open space for running and free play during inclement weather. The gym plays host to Tennis and Super Sports classes, some of our optional afternoon enrichment programs, and the school’s annual dance recital each April.


Our spacious fenced in playground is the perfect place to climb, slide, play with our giant tic-tac-toe board, or run around the field playing tag or kicking a soccer ball! Children learn to negotiate, share, pretend and take turns while they enjoy the outdoors.

James' Place

James’ Place playhouse, built in 2008, is a Park Street Academy favorite. Built by parents and staff in memory of a former Park Street Academy student, this delightful pretend ice cream shop is a beloved feature of the outdoor play area.